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Loretta McKenzie's Photography blog

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I am now retiring from my mathematical statistician position and soon will be a full time Mom and a photographer!  I live in  Waldorf Maryland  ( Southern Maryland ) about 20 miles from Washington D.C. and am very excited about photography.  Right now I am setting up my Web site and trying to get it recognized by search engines.  I know this takes some time.  I actually have some...  You see, I broke my mid-foot, and had surgery.  It has gone well so far and I want to be up and about soon!  I love taking photos.  Please look at my portfolio! I can't wait to take more pictures!  As you can see I have a favorite subject my little girl.  Getting my camera has made me want to photogragh and cherish every moment with her.  I know life goes by fast but feel great pictures are the next best thing.  I am also a doll collector and have found it very important to keep up to date photographs available for insurance purposes.  I have bought and sold on eBay and love taking photographs for listings! I am very enthusiastic about photography and hope to help make your memories into beautiful portraits!  I can be emailed at loretta@lorettamckenziephotography.com and my website is lorettamckenziephotography.com. Looking forward to having a blog!


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