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Loretta McKenzie's Photography blog

More about taking pictures during bright sunshine in open shade

I wanted to give some more examples of photographing in open shade to help folks taking pictures in the summer season.  The sun always makes taking pictures a challenge, yet fun for me.  I like getting pictures with nice lighting and avoiding harsh sun or hot spots. Here are two more examples of photographing using open shade during bright sunshine. Open shade is shade that is illuminated by a reflective surface from the front.  She was sitting in the shade with the light facing her, as well as a reflective surface.  Here, that surface included rocks, wood, and mulch. I was standing with my camera in the sun.  I did not have a reflector with me. The light in front of her and behind me was enough to bounce the sunshine onto her.  So, the pretty eye catch lights and color in the photograph. The second photo was taken earlier, so the light was brighter.  The diagram is my first try with animating using photoshop.  I hope it helps!  It is how these photos were done.  An awning, umbrella, tree etc, can block the sun coming from the other way too.




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