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Five tips to take photos of your children in the snow.

 Are you enjoying the snow?  Do you want to get great photos of your kids?  If so, keep reading.  First and foremost expose for the children.  I overexpose in the snow, so I don't get perfectly exposed snow and underexposed children.   Always always focus on their faces, never on props or the snow.


1)  Dress kids for the weather.  Make sure they are dressed so they are comfortable. Kids don't want to smile when they are too cold.  Cute outfits are great, but let them wear a coat, please.


2)   Don't worry about using difficult lighting.  Keep it simple and have fun!  


3)  Let kids be kids and you'll come up with the best photos.  Let them play and do what they do best!  Always think ahead and try to get your composition right.   Get far enough back, so you are not amputating little hands and feet.   Don't forget about the rule of thirds, ever!  It's fine to break it, try and keep it in your mind. 



4) Remember snow reflects light.  Watch out for harsh shadows and squinty eyes.   Be as brave as possible and shoot with a low aperture to get a nice soft effect.


5) Use props to help keep kids still!  They like to run and play.  Make sure you get your portrait chance!  If you are shooting in the open use a low aperture and focus on the faces, never the props.  Do your best to keep trees separated from your child.   A low aperture and keeping your child at  distance from the trees helps  Watch for the hot sun spots from the trees.






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