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Loretta McKenzie's Photography blog

Tips for inside photography Part 1. (look for Part II in a day or so)

Cold weather is finally here, if you have small spaces to photograph your children inside like I do,  there is hope!  I use the highest aperture possible (to blur the background) and natural lighting if I can, but don't be afraid to bring out the flash.  I much prefer a flash bouncing off the ceiling or behind my shoulder.  I always like to remove as much clutter as I can to keep the background clean.  Don't be afraid to shoot close up.

Here are some ideas!

When they get bored show what they like to do!


 Children love baking cookies, and you get that cool reflection in the oven!


Looking out the window wishing it wasn't so cold gives an insight  into their magical personality.


Playing the piano, or banging on the keys.  A keyboard, play guitar, any instrument play or real would do!


When they get out show them exercising with friends!


Our kids love taking photos of us with their iphones, play taking photos of each other!


Show them inside their play area!



Reading on a recliner on YOUR Ipad <3


School or church events!


Showing off their craft they did with you today!


What excitement they see at a museum!  That look of wonder...


With one of your favorite collectibles, your child will cherish the photo always!


In bed holding a favorite toy!


Dressed in their favorite PJ's and accessories!



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