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Tips for photos at the pumpkin patch!

We have always taken our daughter to the pumpkin patch, and I have gotten sweet pictures and memories each year.  Now she is in school, and during the school trip she will definitely be more interested in running with her friends and not interested in photos.  So, we took  her yesterday just my husband and I.  Fun for her. and some photos for me.   I highly recommend going as a family, and not with a large group if you want  photos.  We had to go before soccer practice, and the light was harsh.  First, she wore what she wanted, not a cute Halloween smocked and embroidered dress I would have picked.  When they get older let them pick their own clothes for an event like the pumpkin patch.   Keep the cute embroidered and smocked outfits for when you have a chance of winning.  

I saw a cute spot. The sun was harsh, I planned for a black and white photo.  I knew I would come back to the area when the light was better on our way out.  


Next she played and had fun.  That's what is about, right?



She played in the cornfield, the sun was behind me and harsh, however, what a precious memory I would have missed if I didn't take this photo.

Next, the hayride and the pick your pumpkin time.  Look at the precious love and excitement she has for picking her own pumpkin!  I used some photoshop tricks, as well as tricks working with natural light.  I wouldn't miss this photo for anything..  Look for emotion and capture it!


Now the light was a little better, so I looked for small places I knew would work.  I played with her and would run through  the corn mazer,  then we would  take a picture for a memory and Mommy. There were a few bails of hay and I asked her to sit where the light would compliment the photo.


I saw a barn and it was perfect for a picture.  I could tell she was too interested in playing to go to the barn.  Then I saw the goats there.  So we had a visit with the goats, before we went to the barn for a photo.


We walked to the other side of the barn and let her pose her wayl

She took a photo for me by the pumpkins   The setup wasn't going to work well with a standard size print.  That's okay, there are places that will print, and frame a custom size photo should you choose.

Again, I saw a cute spot, however, it would need her to stand in an exact spot to cooperate with the sun.  I just explained it to her, and voila.

We had a snack, made sure we were full and happy, then I took a few photos on the way out, that were in good light.


So, A quick summary.  Let them choose their clothes.  The pumpkin patch is for the kids.  Go in a smaller group if possible, so it's easier to get a child's attention towards the camera.  Get the emotion!  When you see a nice place for light, do your best to use it!   When light is not cooperating, work with it  your best and take the photo!. Explain the lighting issues to your child.  They understand more than we know.  These memories are precious and pumpkin patches are open only certain times a year.

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