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Tips on taking beach shots and mini beach sessions!

If you are interested in scheduling a session please contact me through my website http://lorettamckenziephotography.com.   Or write me at info@lorettamckenziephotography.com


We won't be going to the ocean this summer, and we will be visiting some local beaches on the Chesapeake Bay.  The good news is there are nets so the kids won't be swimming with jellyfish, and it's a lot less expensive!  The bad news is the water isn't as gorgeous, and sand not so fluffy.  Enough of chatter, now for tips!


This photo was taken about 6:30 p.m., and you can see clouds were coming in, yet it was still blue.  Late afternoon is great, so the sun wouldn't be harsh.  Backlit photos would be ideal at sunrise and a little after.   This was good timing as Gods soft box was there, (the clouds on the sun behind me), yet there was blue sky in front of me.    Since the sun was behind me, the light was on my subject.  Not as pretty as backlighting, but very nice.  I wanted her to stand and pose for me, but being 5 she had little interest in that.  The sand and water were on her mind.   Here is one I did get of her looking at the camera.  I exposed for her face and did some photo editing to adjust and dim the sky.  I also used spot focusing and exposed on her face to make her stand out.  I used a 70-200 2.8 lens on 200 to get better depth of field.   I also angled myself so no other people were in the photo for the effect I wanted.  I did edit out the nets :)   I bent down so I could use the sand in front of me for some depth also.  I used actions from htttp://paintthemoon.com for processing.  At the end, I'll discuss the mini beach sessions I will do, so please read on!


The sky was so pretty, and  she looked so angelic, I wanted to remember that.  The sun was bright on her eyes, so I suggested she look to the side.  She didn't want to wear the hat here.   Squinty eyes are such a cute part of childhood, so I have lots of photos of those.  Again. I used the 200 on the zoom, a low aperture, and spot focused on her face.  Since she didn't want to do this for long, I was thrilled to get this photo.  Water and sand are not something she sees everyday, and her mind was not focused on me or my camera.   She needed to play :)   To follow the rule of thirds, this photo has two thirds sky, and one third water.  Again, my job was to angle the camera for background and composition.  Her eyes are in the upper third of the photo, which is what you try for.



She was playing with her Dad, and it was Father's day, nothing could be more precious!  Again as a photographer, it was my job to wiggle my camera angle to keep the background simple, and only have them in the photo.  I focused and exposed on him here, since she was in the same plain she is in focus too.   I used a low aperture so I could get some depth with the sand in the front.  I shot using 200 which meant I was at a distance, and they didn't know I was taking the photo.   The sky had to be dimmed.



Most important, she was able to be herself and I got a picture from far away and she wasn't aware of me.  She was doing what she loved, and was happy!




I will do beach mini sessions at a beach in Calvert County Maryland to be decided.   You can be happy and feel great, and I will deal with the rest.   It would be ideal for families, children, or friends that will have to part after the summer.   The price will be $100 and you'll get 5 or 6 edited high resolution digital images.   I would  like at least 4 or 5 local families to express interest then we will deal with the rest.   Please contact me on my website at http://lorettamckenziephotography.com or write me at info@lorettamckenziephotography.com.   Thank you!

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