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Tips on taking youth soccer photos!

I want to add some soccer photos from the game on 9/26/2015.  If your child is in these photos I hope you enjoy and pass the word to other parents so they can see their child playing soccer!  Soccer is a great sport for young kids as it promotes team cooperation, social skills, teaches them rules and how to play.  Photography tips I have figured out will be included to help inspire and help you to photograph your child playing soccer!  Comments and suggestions are welcome!


The U6 Turquoise team before the game in Bryantown Md!  

The next several images are of the kids playing the game.   These images were captured with a F 70-200 2.8 lens with a higher shutter speed and aperture than I normally use.  This way it is easier to capture action shots and I can be far away from the game and not noticed.  I highly recommend a telephoto lens.  Enjoy experimenting with higher aperture and shutter speed.  


There is only one soccer ball in the game, so follow it! Get the action!


I like getting the kids playing and very few edits, so it shows the spirit and exactly how the game went.  Parents can feel like they are right there.


It's great to get faces when you can, but not essential.  It does help convey the emotion of the game.


Images from the side and back work great too!


Watch the background when you can, it's great to have some photos with an uncluttered background.  Those are the ones I would print.  I always say an uncluttered background means everything.


Don't forget the coaches and the mid break bench shots.  They always show emotion and interaction with the children and the coach.

I like including both teams!


Try and get full group shots, so you remember all the kids in the game.

Anticipate action and set yourself up so you can get clear photos.


Don't forget the coach looking on the game!


Don't forget the referee either.  Sometimes it's hard to get a good shot without a lot of background disruption, and you don't have time to clone or edit out distractions.  Do your best to edit so you capture the emotion anyway.


Get happy action shots for the families to enjoy!


Look for emotion with a coach and child.  It warms the heart.

Look for moments of good sportsmanship.  It teaches the children so much.


Parent with child after the game focuses on the memory, and can be amusing for the parent.


It's always fun to add the posed shot with  your child after the game with a good clean background.


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